Solemnly Swear

Anonymous asked: What is AFS?

They’re the one of the biggest international exchange programs in the world.  I never expected it, but they changed my life


The lovely and very talented Talia has passed away all too soon from her battle with cancer. 

She leaves behind a bucket list of all of the things she wanted to accomplish. Pick one, and make it your goal to do it sometime this year, for Talia. 


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Anonymous asked: How did you spend your sun god? ;D

I spent it running around doing hood rat shiiiiiiiiiiii

Just kidding Martha & I were on voluntary babysitting duty haha.  But it was a good time

Anonymous asked: are you going to KAAAMPING? :D

I want to! But I can’t ):

Anonymous asked: do you run?! your calfs are so defined :D

My cows are not defined! Moo you!

Hahah no.  Occasionally but not enough.  I just walk really fast all the time. The goal is 15k steps a day 

I should take a look at my calves since I never see them xD

Anonymous asked: what is the typical day of mara brown like?

Usually uneventful haha.  Today I woke up at 730 for work, class, an interview, then work and class again.  Now I’m finally getting food and then I’m heading to a bbq for a few hours before I pack and head back to Cheeselake.  I’m so excited to be home again :D

What’s your typical day like?  I’m actually very interested to hear from you